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Google Apps for Education – Upload many users at once

Posted by Abzetdin Adamov on June 24, 2010

Generally it’s problematical to prepare CSV format file with data to upload many users at once to GMail server for Google Apps. Here I’ll try to share a slight experience on how to do this…
  1. Select users information from appropriate database/table (see more details below)
    1. username
    2. first name
    3. last name
    4. password (how to generate automatically)
  2. Export data to Excel
  3. Delete the First colunm order number
  4. Save as Unicode Text or
  5. Open and Save as UTF-8 with BOA and .CSV extention
  6. Replace all Tab characters with Comma
  7. Upload File to Google
How to generate passwords? Keep in mind that the minimal length of password in Google is 6 symbols…

select t.username as "username",
t.first_name as "first name",
t.last_name as "last name",
round(p.str) as "password"
from table t, (select dbms_random.value(100000, 999999) str from dual) p
where .... -- if it's necessary

--dbms_random.string('L', 6) you can use this function instead of .value if you would like to generate character password

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