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Next Generation Networks (NGN) Course in Qafqaz University, Powered by Azercell

Posted by Abzetdin Adamov on October 15, 2010

Next Generation Networks (NGN) Course in Qafqaz University, Powered by Azercell

Next Generation Networks (NGN) Course in Qafqaz University, Powered by Azercell

As another initiative towards enhancing the University – Industry Partnership, the Industry-leading mobile network operator Azercell and Qafqaz University reached an agreement to start a joint educational project. The purpose of the project is to introduce and popularize telecommunication technologies among students; as a result, bridging the gap between the current demand for qualified specialists in the telecommunication market and the number of graduates. As the first stage of the project, a new module “Next Generation Networks” has been added into the curriculum of the Computer Engineering Department’s undergraduate program as an elective course in 2010-2011 academic year. The course will be offered by several specialists and experts* in area of telecommunication from Azercell. In order to maximize the learning benefits, each expert will be delivering the topics s/he is specialized in.
According to the agreement, as the second stage of project, it is proposed to set up a mobile telecommunication laboratory by Azercell Company.


To remain competitive and attract additional customers, communication service providers have had to redesign their networks and business models based on Next Generation Networks (NGN). It is, therefore, necessary to be knowledgeable, each in its domain of activities, about relevant aspects of the vast and constantly evolving field of NGN sand value added services. This course is designed as an introduction to NGNs and is tailored for undergraduate students. The course will cover the fundamental concepts of all the important areas of NGNs such as network evolution, convergence, switching, transmission, intelligent networks, fixed-mobile convergence, NGN definition and characteristics and architecture, migration, regulation, and standards.


Upon course completion, students will have:

  • developed keen understanding of the key drivers of NGN
  • learned to describe the structure and core protocols of an NGN
  • identified services provided by NGNs
  • gained an understanding of the process of migration to NGNs
  • built appreciation of the role of regulation in NGNs
  • developed a better understanding and appreciation of NGN to be able to see its place in
    the immediate and future overall development of telecommunications in their country.

2 Responses to “Next Generation Networks (NGN) Course in Qafqaz University, Powered by Azercell”

  1. Very impressive explanation on NGN – though i believe many of the outlined concepts and services in NGN are already in-use (as NGN-enabled) and being provided by many telecom providers and consumers in the UK. The concept of NGN is to me only being highlighted now with a move for yet another creation of complexities in the mind of consumers besides of course the 2 gains in guaranteeing reliability and security of communication ethos to consumers and one gain to providers of cost savings in deployment, etc… I can sense a kind of millennium 2000 change-over scares and issues….though we (people) are wiser now I will want to believe! Regulators like OfCom in the UK are being kpet busiy trying to assure and assuaged consumers and police the acts in change-over or roll-outs by providers, etc…

    Dr. Patrick Justus

  2. Hi

    Could I use your image on NGN in a literature I am designing?



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