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Region Computer Engineering Department Chairs Summit

Posted by Abzetdin Adamov on November 26, 2012

Region Computer Engineering Department Chairs Summit - Opening Ceremony

Region Computer Engineering Department Chairs Summit

Computer Engineering Department Chairs Summit took place in warm (despite of end of autumn) Chesme distinct of Izmir region, Turkey 22-23 November, 2012. The meeting attracted chairs from about 50 universities including:

  • Istanbul Technical University
  • Middle East Technical University
  • Yildiz University
  • Bilkent University
  • Hacettepe University
  • Fatih University
  • Ege University
  • Selchuk University
  • Qafqaz University (Baku)

Computer Engineering Department Chairs Summit is platform to get together leaders of Computer Engineering education. The purpose of meeting is to discuss common problems and challenges, share knowledge and experience, provide an opportunity to know others and be known, establish mutually beneficial cooperations and collaborations.

Region Computer Engineering Department Chairs Summit

Region Computer Engineering Department Chairs Summit

Microsoft’s representative Mustafa Kasap has introduced about company’s programs for students, faculty and universities.

==Microsoft’s support for students:

  • Imagine Cup – developments competition
  • DreamSpark Standard and DreamSpark Premium programs provide to students development software for free
  • DreamSpark Premium – ELMS
  • MS Student Partner – trainings for selected students on new technologies
  • Summer School – Internship
  • Student Business – appropriate website to help caruer development, job search

==Microsoft’s support for faculty:

  • Open Academy – http://www.acikakademi.com – text, video, audio sources to learn computer technologies (80.000 studendt subscriptions)
  • Faculty Connection – http://aka.ms/fc trainings for fuculties and teching resources in following disciplins (but not restricted with this):
  • Cloud computing, Information Management, Net Centric Computing, Programming, Embedded Systems and Devices, Security, Operating Systems, Mobile Application Development, etc.
  • Azure Accounts http://aka.ms/mk to get cloud computing account and use existing infrastructure of cluster computing (IaaS – Infrastructure as a Service) for 5-9-12 months. Also instructor may apply to get accounts for students those take appropriate class.

==Microsoft’s support for universities:

Region Computer Engineering Department Chairs Summit - Ancient City Efes

Region Computer Engineering Department Chairs Summit – Ancient City Efes

Prof. Adnan Yazici from Middle East Technical University has renimded to participants about last year establishment of Computer Engineers Association. Prof. Halit Oguz Tuzen critisized the view of some government institutions, in paticular Professional Competence Institution, to Computer Engineering as profession. According to him this official institution is confusing two professions: computer engineer and certified specialist.

Prof.Dr. Altay Guvenir from Bilkent University presented topic on “Frieqently Asked Questions in MUDEK Akkreditation”. MUDEK is association recognized by the Higher Education Council of Turkey as the National Quality Assurance Agency in accrediting engineering programs. MUDEK is member of ENAEE – European Network for Accreditation of Engineering Education
One of the most important criteria of engineer competance is to make students work within project-teams that require multidisciplinary knowledge. Good ideas, thoughts and projects have any meaning just in case if they will be applied and likely immediately.

Assoc.Prof. Ahmet Koltuksuz from Yasar University presented speech on “Cyber Security Education and Proposals”. He informed listeners about new trends in Cyber Security and improvements that should be done in teaching of this subject because of the new trends.
National Collegiate Cyber Defence Competition http://nationalccdc.org/

Representative from Turkcell (Turkey leading telecom company) new business models and startups based on these models creat threat for mobile Communication Service Providers. Skype has more then 220 mln users that creats more than 20 bln. minutes of VoIP coomunication. Smart phone users send billions messages using WhatsApp application what eliminates using of SMS service. At the same time this established acosystem and trends creates new opportunities and challenges for service provides.

According to Dr. Sinan Utku who is United States Patent Attorney, Technology Development and patenting have strong relation. Cilicon Valley were in evidence in the 1910. What is the secret of US technology success? One of the most valuable reason is really working patenting process supported by appropriate legislation.
Some business people in Wall Street called Patent Wolfs buys bunkrupt technological companies to investigate the opportunity of applying to court against successfull companies that may break obtained patents.

Region Computer Engineering Department Chairs Summit - The Library of Celsus in Ephesus

Region Computer Engineering Department Chairs Summit – The Library of Celsus in Ephesus

The last session of meeting in 23 November had been devoted to taking a decision on location for the next summit in 2013. Event there were three potential candidate universities: Black Sea University (Trabzon), Firat University (Elazig) and Qafqaz University (Baku, Azerbaijan), most of participants voted for Qafqaz University. Therefore, next Computer Engineering Department Chairs Summit will be held in Baku in October 07-08 immediately before annual AICT2013 International Conference (www.aict.info/2013) also organized by Qafqaz University with technical support of IEEE (www.ieee.org).

Final day of meeting consisted of memorable tour to exciting ancient Roman city of Efes (Ephesus, click for more information).

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