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Understanding Big Data: 3Vs of Big Data

Posted by Abzetdin Adamov on April 24, 2015

3Vs of Big Data - CeDAWI - Abzetdin Adamov

3Vs of Big Data – CeDAWI

3Vs (volume, variety and velocity) those best describe and characterize different aspects of Large-Scale Data Processing (Big Data).
Volume – refers to the amount of data and is measured in Mega-Bytes, Giga-Bytes, Terra-Bytes, Peta-Bytes, Exa-Bytes and today Zetta-Bytes (and Yotta-Bytes in far future). Currently Digital Universe produced from beginning of the humanity ius estimated around 4.5 ZBs.
Variety – refers to different forms and types of data available online and offline, including structured (Databases, XML, logs, …), semistructured (web pages, email, …), and unstructured (text, images, video, audio, …).
Velocity – refers to increasing speed of data production and consequently performance that data-driven businesses need in order to benefit from their data. The problem is not related with just storing of streams of data, but rather to transforming fast-flowing data into resource that fosters innovation and decision-making process.

Presentation on: Big Data Ecosystem for Data-Driven Decision Making

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