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Will Quantum Computing replace Traditional Computing?

Posted by Abzetdin Adamov on April 22, 2020

Sophisticated architecture of IBM Quantum Computing platform

Same as with many other pioneering technologies (like Big Data, Deep Learning, Blockchain, IoT), Quantum Computing become buzzword for IT-empowered community thanks to tech giants including Google, IBM, Intel, Microsoft and promising startups. They invest billions to R&D related with field to secure own piece of pie in case if Quantum Computing become available in widespread use. A lot of people are talking about the technology, but limited have real application experience and proof of concept.
Most probably, in coming decades, Quantum computing will not be same efficient as traditional computers for general computational tasks, but they will be more productive for specific mathematical problems that matches well with their philosophy. What is more realistic, Quantum Computing will never replace traditional computing, instead will work in concert with them empowering each other. The future of Quantum Computing is same unclear as the stability of its superpositions. It is still in its infancy, the support infrastructure is too expensive and unstable.
The World has drastically changed in 20th century thanks to computing revolution recursively changing demand for computation. But if we look to history of computation, the only things that changed since first computer invention, are power, capacity, scale and application, but not the way of computation itself. It is right time for scientific and business communities worldwide to look for new computation paradigm expanding horizons of invention that may bring up an alternative for the traditional one that was invented centuries before the first computer appeared. At the beginning, it is not required for the new concept or paradigm to be better, it is enough to be different…

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Tech Companies: winners and losers of the lockdown

Posted by Abzetdin Adamov on April 12, 2020

Airbnb and Netflix – opposite business model in context of current lockdown and call “Stay at Home”

The Internet is the most open and powerful platform that brings together those who want to buy something and sell something… The most successful Internet giants mostly do not produce any product or offer sophisticated services. They just provide user-friendly interface designed to collect Data in expense of providing narrow and simple, however largely demanded service. The main idea of the platform is to Analyze in-depth the voluntarily provided massive Data, learn more trying to see end-to-end picture of the client, catch his behavior and try to predict his next action (or even to manage his actions…). And at this point Deep Science (Big Data, Data Science and Analytics, Machine Learning, etc.) can help fine-tune the service to make it much better and appealing for wider audience.

  • Airbnb – the world’s largest accommodation provider owns no single room;
  • Netflix – the world’s largest movie house owns no cinemas;

Business Model is really important in tech industry. But, you never predict the market demand and how exceptional circumstances can affect this demand…
Two Internet giant companies with opposite concept in terms of “Stay at Home”: One of the most successful unicorn company AirBnb plunges down, while another one Netflix experience unseeing demand (badly affecting the speed of connectivity Worldwide)…

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AICT2020 Coronavirus Statement

Posted by Abzetdin Adamov on April 12, 2020

On March 11, 2020, the World Health Organization declared COVID-19 a pandemic. The safety and well-being of all conference participants is our priority, therefore we are carefully considering our plans going forward.

We are following updates about the situation from the government of the Republic of Uzbekistan, which is working closely with the World Health Organisation (WHO) and will update our plans accordingly. We will follow to safety recommendation from IEEE.

We will provide additional information in timely manner. The AICT2020 continues to accept submissions and peer-revision will be in place according to timeline.

For the most current information about COVID-19, see the following resources:

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