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Will Programmers Become Obsolete in the Future?

Posted by Abzetdin Adamov on July 4, 2019

Some “experts” claim that programming as a job will obsolete in coming years. This can be said by people who is far away from the domain or such claims can convince just those who would like this happen. Reality is different. During next, at least, 20 years demand for the traditional programmers will just increase. After that the concept of programming may slowly change, same as it changed in the past when the new paradigms appear like Object-Oriented or Functional programming those dealing with objects and functions as a building blocks accordingly. Its quite hard to predict, but the new concept can come as a transition to paradigm that will deal more with intelligent actors (IA) and entities (IE) as a building blocks. These IAs may be enriched with advanced concepts like Voice-User Interface (VUI), Cloud/Cluster Data Management Interface (CDMI), Artificial Intelligence as a Service (AIaaS), SaaS, etc. There maybe be millions of IAs and IEs available in repositories (open-source and commercial) developed by community and companies, same as millions APPs available today on app markets. Even today, there are some earlier symptoms of this concept in paradigms like agent-oriented programming and SOA. Programmers’ communities will prefer scripting languages supported by open-source community over commercial platforms. Open-source communities and largest vendors will try to set some fundamental standards to make development process more transparent, cross-platform, both front-end/back-end supportive and less dependent on specific coding language…

But what is certain even today, the role of programming in operation of the critical infrastructure will just increase, consequently increasing the cost of potential mistake. Just remind Boeing 737 Max crisis. As a response, new IDEs with with embedded Data manipulation and processing engines, BPM-interfaces and translators, reverse-engineering capabilities and testing modules based on artificial scenario-generators will appear.

Even so, human programmers will never be made obsolete…

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